Thursday, 5 July 2012

CS-Cart Development

CS-Cart is an eCommerce application which is really very easy to use. It allows selling your products and services instantly. It has very good features which suite the requirements of an organization of any size. CS-Cart helps building an eCommerce website which may have only one product or even those which have 100s of products. CS-cart is really flexible and easy to use. Also it has now undergone various enhancements like one page checkout, AJAX based web interface and many others. This makes CS-Cart a very reliable way to for advertising and selling products and services.

CS-Cart has built-in support for a majority of popular payment systems and shipping providers such as Google Checkout, PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, UPS, USPS, FedEx and many others are actively included.

CS-Cart supports payment systems such as Pay pal, 2CheckOut, Google Check Out, WorldPay, and many other well-known payment systems and shipping services. CS cart comes with 4 editions

1) Professional Edition – It is for businesses of mid size at a reasonable cost. It has got advanced features which can be implemented to your website to get more benefits.
2) Multi-Store Ultimate Edition – With this edition, you can setup multiple stores having one common administrative panel.
3) Multi Vendor Edition – This edition allows to you setup an online platform where many vendors can participate and sell their own products or services using the common store.
4) Community Edition – This is a free edition. This is especially for those who are beginning to start their own eCommerce application. This will help them know more about the CS-Cart as it is free. Once they are well versed with the basic features of Community Edition, they can go for the other paid editions like Professional edition, Multi-store Ultimate edition, and Multi-vendor edition.

Set up your Store:

To set up your own store, you will have to pay a license fee for using this software. Once you have downloaded the software, you can use it.
It is really very easy to use, even for newbie.  You can find an online demo available on the official website of CS-Cart that will help to know about various functional features for the store front and the management panel. Moreover, there is a ready store and check out program, which allows you to immediately publish product information and pictures in volume and get into your account information for the transaction program.  As soon as this is done, your shop is ready to go live on internet. You can also get your shop personalized through dealing with CS Cart serving companies or approved local merchants.

 Control & Maintenance

The shopping store has to be regularly supervised at the back end to make sure stock is not empty, proper rendering of purchases, prompt reply to client concerns and problems, as well as maintaining the changes in delivery and taxation details. Although this is a time intensive process, CS Cart allows with a ready to use section where details can be filled in quickly. This section also makes it possible for modifications to be made to the website content off-line, which implies that there is little recovery time. In other words, there is low downtime. Information about special offers can be included quickly using this function. The website management section also allows control of several places. Also it supports the localization of shops as the application comes with several language and currency assistance. Moreover, it gathers and saves the statistic on various different factors, which helps in control and making better decisions.

Online Promotion

Once your shop is setup and is operating, it is essential to have more customers to know about it and visit the online store. CS Cart has better designed and awesome capabilities that helps with this. One of the characteristics is the online add on, which allows guests to add your online shopping banner ads to their sites in return of a small payment. The application is also SEO friendly, so it can get the best possible results on Google and other search engines. CS Cart has the SEO add on, which allows the development of dynamic and powerful URLs from the static URL's. Moreover, using Meta data and keywords, the application helps you improve the position of your website.


CS-cart gives you an excellent support. CS-Cart tech support team provides you better and timely solutions. CS Cart forums are another way to get your queries solved. They have good suggestions to various questions raised by people. Moreover, CS Cart has a free 30 day assistance interval after the software is bought. This covers any preliminary technical issues that you may experience while in the process of setup of your web store. After this interval, it is possible to replenish tech assistance by registration by paying a small fee.

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